Allie Stuckey
The Conservative Millennial

A little about The Conservative Millennial: For about a year-and-a-half, I have been creating 2-3 minute Facebook videos that provide my conservative, millennial perspective on what’s going in our crazy world of politics and culture. I now have a faithful and growing audience — the majority of whom are millennials!

I am working to educate and inspire other conservative millennials, college students and high schoolers with concise commentary and original perspectives. I break down the dangers of a groupthink, political correctness, socialism and other liberal myths and highlight the benefits of individual liberty, free speech, capitalism and logic. I employ both satire and straightforward explanations to warn my fellow millennials about the dangers of liberal indoctrination and emphasize the commonsense of conservatism.

In addition to making videos on Facebook and now YouTube, I also speak on college campuses and to Republican groups across the country. You can find me on TheBlaze, as well as on Fox News & Fox Business as a guest on multiple programs.

While I’m happy with the experience I’ve gained in media in the past year, I want to dedicate even more time to creating educational and inspiring content for conservative young people. Additionally, I want to make sure my videos are top-notch so that my messages are relayed as effectively as possible. If you’re able, I would so appreciate any patronage you are willing to give. Thank you for your consideration.