The Blaze has made recurring headlines over the past few months after former co-worker Tomi Lahren’s show was cancel and her remarks regarding pro-choice. But pushing all of that aside, a new development has been in place for the Blaze in the name of Allie Stuckey. She’s young, passionate and well-educated. Sure, some may call her the new “Tomi” but she’s anything but.

Allie Stuckey is a writer, vlogger and conservative living in Texas. Her blog, The Conservative Millennial has been turning heads left and right, and for good reason. We don’t know what’s in store for Lahren but as far as we are concerned, Stuckey could be giving Lahren a run for her money as the new and fresh voice for millennial conservatives.

Of course, there is no shade to be thrown at Tomi. In fact, Stuckey’s time at the Blaze overlapped with Tomi being fired. She didn’t have a personal relationship with Tomi but rest assured, there are no hard feelings there. Stuckey is respectable of other voices that may differ from the latter and is courageous in sharing her own. The young millennial is smart, intelligent and is a voice for every young conservative. Here’s why:

“If millennials want to be heard—politically, socially, professionally—we must abandon the ‘grown-up tantrums’ and must instead step up to the plate of responsibility and ownership. Less riots, more action. Ultimately, we must be the change we want to see. That’s how real change is made.”

Know What You Believe and Stick With It:
Stuckey stands her ground when it comes to beliefs most important to her. For example, pro-life and school of choice are issues Stuckey stands strongly on and she doesn’t just say it, she speaks out and tells her audience why. Conservatives, especially millennials need a voice that isn’t going to back down and will speak out about what they believe and why it’s logical to believe it.

“Millennials want to know ‘why. We want to be compelled almost emotionally to be convinced in a certain way. So yes, logic is good. Logic works very well… But if you could tell me why it’s important that I believe in a certain way, why it’s logical, why these facts are presented the way they are — that’s how you connect to millennials.”

A Voice Determined To Break Stereotypes:
Stuckey isn’t out to yell at you or name call. No, her goal isn’t to sabotage or tell you that you’re wrong. It’s bigger and better than what you envision it to be. The young-voice determines to break the mold that all millennials are uneducated and that conservatives are out of touch, and with pure honesty we can tell you that she’s right. Millennials are thinkers and conservatives are intelligent. Sure, you may not think so if you’re a liberal because they don’t fit your agenda but it’s actually true, and Stuckey does a fantastic job at proving it.

Know The Constitution
If you’re a conservative or an American, to be frank than you should know your constitution. If you don’t, study it and learn it. Stuckey is well-educated in what the constitution says and it’s evident in the way she speaks to her audience in her videos and through her writing. When you know what the Constitution says, your views might be more conservative than you think.

“Remember the substance of your vote and the “why” behind what you believe.”

Everyone Has Hardships
It’s consistently said that the majority of conservatives are privileged and white but that’s not true. Stuckey has proven time and time again that every person faces hardships and not every person is ‘privileged’. Oh, and just cause one is conservative doesn’t mean they should be automatically labeled as white or racist or whatever else. The young conservative has had her fair share of hardships and she shares them with great courage, proving the stereotype of conservatives to be false.

“My older brother has what we like to call “special needs.” He is on the autism spectrum, though the gamut of his disabilities probably can’t all be categorized as “autistic,” she says in a blog post. “My brother’s childhood was more trying for my parents than I will ever know, as I was seven years late to the party (my parents married at 19 and 20-years-old, had my brothers right away, and enjoyed almost a decade of peace and quiet before I came along). He was in and out of schools and homeschool, was the target of bullies, was chronically excluded and was constantly confused as to why he was unable to have the same education or social life as my other brother and I had. He’s disabled, but he’s not stupid. He knew he was different, he just wasn’t sure why.”

“After years of hospital visits and dozens of attempts at finding the right medication, my brother’s epilepsy was kept at bay. He got to go to college. He lived in a new city by himself and learned to drive. He met a girl, and they got married. They got divorced. He’s experienced joy, and he’s known rejection and heartache. He’s worked hard. He has added value to the world around him and has taught my family about true empathy. Because of him, we understand that “different” isn’t always scary and that “normal” isn’t the most important thing to be.”

Always Speak Your Mind and Never Back Down
This probably one of the most important reasons why Stuckey is a voice for every millennial conservative. She teaches you that it’s okay to speak your mind and that backing down should never be an option. Speak up and let your voice be heard even if a million others disagree with you.


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