With all the hubbub surrounding the NRA since the Parkland shooting, I thought I would take some time to research the roots and the record of the organization against which so many are protesting. I learned some disturbing details about the organization’s past, so I thought I’d share a few facts that stood out:

  • The NRA began as an organization that targeted minority communities for eugenic purposes. The founder is actually quoted in a letter, saying, “We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs.”
  • The NRA has been responsible for the ruthless murder of over 7 million innocent, defenseless people since 1978. No one has ever been convicted for any of these murders– that’s how strong of a grip the NRA has on the public and our politicians.
  • There are over 1,000 innocent people killed by the NRA every day. Most of them are minorities.
  • It’s also been reported — though they deny the report’s validity — that the organization SELLS human body parts after they’re murdered. There is video footage of them saying as much, though they say it’s “edited.”
  • Despite all this, the NRA STILL receives $500 million from the federal government every year — our tax dollars!
  • This year alone, they’re spending $20 million on midterm campaigns. And these politicians are openly, proudly collecting this blood money.
  • The CEO of the NRA makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, profiting off the murder of innocent human beings.

And the saddest part about this is, the NRA is hailed as some kind of human rights organization. They and their supporters say they’re advocates of equality and empowerment. How can an organization that profits off of killing innocent people be equalizing or empowering? In 2018, when people are so sensitive to racism, why are we not condemning the NRA for their discriminatory — and downright evil — roots?

Our society isn’t just normalizing the murders for which they’re responsible — they’re glorifying them. The CEO of the NRA was just celebrated at the Oscar’s last night — have we ever seen an organization from the other side of the aisle be celebritized in this way?

Is it because the NRA and their gun-toting fanatics are so adept at controlling the conversation? Instead of using the term “murder,” they use the word “choice?” Instead of acknowledging the blood on their hands, they claim to be experts on “health?” Where is our country headed if we can’t take a moral stand against a murderous organization that is being funded by our own money?

How many people do the NRA have to kill bef–

Oh wait. That’s… That’s not right. I seem to have made a mistake.

It’s not the NRA who’s responsible for the extermination of millions of people,  it’s… PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Whoops. Gosh. How did I mix that up?

It’s Planned Parenthood that started out as an organization bent on eugenics. It’s Planned Parenthood that’s murdered millions of unborn children in the last 40 years. It’s Planned Parenthood who aborted over 300,000 babies in 2016– over a thousand a day. It was Planned Parenthood who was accused of harvesting baby parts for profit. It’s Planned Parenthood who is given 500 million of our hard earned dollars every year by the federal government. It’s Planned Parenthood that’s pumping $20 million into Democratic campaigns this year. It’s Planned Parenthood’s CEO who makes over $600,000 a year killing mostly minority babies.

My bad.

It’s Planned Parenthood that calls dismembering children in the womb “reproductive health.” It’s Planned Parenthood and its supporters who deem themselves advocates of equality, empowerment, and women’s rights. It’s Planned Parenthood and its Capitol Hill cronies who manipulate the masses into believing aborting your children is freedom.

It’s Planned Parenthood that’s glorified as a human rights organization, when, in reality, they refuse to acknowledge that inherent human rights exist. If they did, they would know that without the right to life, no other human right can or should logically exist. They set a subjective standard of human worthiness defined by “wantedness” and seek to exterminate anyone who doesn’t meet that standard.

And you want to tell me the NRA is cruel? That the NRA should be shut down? That the politicians should reject “blood money” from the NRA?

Do you know how many people the NRA has murdered?

Zero. The NRA has killed exactly zero people in their entire 147 years of existence.

Instead, they have fought against the tyranny of forced defenselessness, advocating for men and women of all races, backgrounds and creeds to have the right to defend themselves against those who would do us harm.

Condoleezza Rice recently told the women of The View how guns were used by her father and neighbors to ward off White Knight riders in 1960s Birmingham, Alabama. She said that if Bull Connor (anti- Civil Rights Commissioner of Public Safety in Birmingham) had known her family had had guns, he would have wanted to confiscate them. Guns were the only tools targets of violent racism had to protect, to equalize and empower themselves.  

And here we see the key difference between the NRA and guns and Planned Parenthood and abortion: guns are tools that can be used for good or for evil, depending on its user. Abortion is exclusively a vehicle for murder; it has no other purpose.

While guns can be used for self-defense or recreation, abortion is only meant for extermination. And yet the organization that defends the former is demonized while the organization that defends the latter is lauded.

Still waiting for CNN to organize a town hall for Cecile Richards and abortion survivors and mothers still suffering from PTSD post-abortion. Still waiting on the media to shine a light on the young pro-life voices who are equally as passionate as David Hogg & Emma Gonzales. Still waiting for our social justice warrioring celebrities to wear pins on the red carpet to symbolize the brutality of dismembering kids in the womb.

I’ll probably be waiting a while.





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