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  1. On the moral side I say yes because glorifying slaveholders (even though it was a very small portion of the country) is a discusting notion. However we’ve entered a new time where you blink at someone the wrong way your a racist, your name resembles a slaveholder or someone who fought for it your a racist or a bloch on said group therefore we need to sideline or get rid of you. That being said I’m one voice in an ocean of 100’s of millions of voices and this topic needs to bee taken down to the local Governments and Democratically discussed and or voted on. Not through civilian anarchy and demolition. Politically people should research the slavery history in his country. A lot of these slaverholder statues or leaders who fought for slavery that people want taken down were Democrats! The Democrats were the party of slavery! At the beginning of the Civil War all 11 of the southern states that made up the Confederacy that fought for slavery had Democrat Governors! The Democrats in the U.S. Congress in 1865 voted only 23 percent in favor of the 13th Ammendment abolishing slavery, 23 percent! While 100 percent of Republicans voted in favor! Maybe people research that a little more

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