Trump’s getting impeached? The Democrats are staging a coup? What’s happening, and who’s going to tell us the truth??

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  1. Thus far, there is no truth that has come to fruition to actually impeach Donald Trump. It’s purely a move on the part of a certain group of Democrats, because they don’t like him…period. Although any human being is absolutely entitled to hate another human being literally just because, Legally through America’s Democratic system (completely different from the “Democrat” Party) that’s not justification for lawfully removing a sitting President and Vice President of the USA from office. The biggest proponents of this push so far have notably been 1., Black U.S. California Democrat Representative… Maxine Waters and 2. Black U.S. Texas Democrat Representative Al; Green, both have repeatedly used arguments primarily based on racial hatred, along with obstruction of justice to oust President Trump. While they once again have every right to shout “IMPEACHMENT” and be heard, none of their arguments have meat on the bone and they continually make their party look bad, So please Maxine and Al…keep at it! If the Democrats are staging a coup I haven’t heard it. but ultimately it would not surprise me. They fought for slavery and segregation, they sympathized with Communists for half a century, they’re the biggest hypocrites when it comes to both making money and gun laws. they’re the biggest whiners when it comes to losing Presidential elections, and they continually use people’s racial, religious, and gender identity purely to get votes. This is not to say the Republicans have been completely clear and not guilty in they’re parties 163 year history by aaaaaaannnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy means. I identify first as a Christian then politically Conservative I vote Republican because historically they’ve had more ideas for peoples lives that are far more in line with my beliefs than any other political group. As far as telling the truth,……it’s politics. This word “politics” has become synonymous with scandals, sex affairs, corruption and going in poor and coming out rich for literally thousands of years….America is no different in this aspect. And it’s hard to know where we can get the truth out of anyone these days. But I’m hopeful that of all the 51 Congress’ in America, the 535 Reps. and Senators in the U.S. and hundreds if not several hundred state Reps. and Senators I refuse to believe they’re all dirty. We must stick to what this country has known for almost a quarter of a millennia. For it has been the best form of Government in history both here and worldwide.

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