“The worst thing you can be if you’re a millennial, is a racist. And unfortunately, the attack that everyone who’s against illegal immigration, which everyone should be, is a racist, doesn’t separate the emotions of the issue from the facts on the issue,” says Allie Stuckey, The Conservative Millennial & The Blaze TV Commentator. “The most compassionate thing you can do, is to start a business and employ people and give them a way of earning their own keep,” Stuckey tells Texas Insider’s Jim Cardle.





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  1. That word racist gets thrown around a lot these days. U..S California Democrat Representative recently called longtime Democrat supporter and donor Alan Dershowitz a racist because he simply upholds the law, ESPN reassigned an employee of theirs, an Asian man named Robert Lee, for fear of backlash from customers and or sponsors of racism. Even the company Dove recently pulled an ad because someone or some people complained of racism…these arguments that claim “racism” go far beyond ridiculous…this is the type of stupidity plaguing America right now especially it’s youngest generation. Stop acting like everything’s an insult, go find a job, read a book, play sports do whatever to keep yourself occupied and be a productive member of society, don’t be like these young anarchists that we got now who are violently roaming the streets. No one is saying your voice can’t be heard but do it peacefully and Democratically through our Constitutional Republican rules (the governing policy not political party). What MLK did in the 60’s during the Civil Rights movement through peaceful means…worked, what terrorist groups like the Black Panthers did by promoting black supremacy and Communism through anarchy made things worse for the black race especially in the south.

    The border wall, it’s no question we need it. Borders are nothing new! You cannot call yourself a country and have open or poorly protected borders. Your need security, immigration and deportation laws, citizenship laws, and they have to be enforced and for many years they weren’t! and we have dead American now because of a few criminal illegals who were supposed to be deported and stay deported but one again they weren’t! Walls work. I served a tour in Bagram, Afghanistan. That base is nearly entirely surrounded by gigantic thick concrete barriers possibly with barbed wire on top, and every so many yards there’s a guard tower with either a remote controlled machine gun or a physically armed person, in this 16 year conflict the taiban have only broken through a hand full of times at most either because of weak spots or blowing a hole once or twice and running through it only to be slaughtered. That’s what our border needs, a wall, guard towers, armed guards to catch illegals (obviously not gun them down because), wether they be escaping for a better life, or acting as pack mules (forced or voluntary) hold them and deport them at said time, Or if honestly God forbid cartels ever engage our border security our guys are there to stop them with the help of National Guardsmen if need be.

    These days strong men are needed more than ever, to govern, as leaders of families, but society is putting more and more caps on male leadership, wether to feminize young boys for the future or claiming sexism (plenty of cases of sexism by the way have been proven true just for clarification). Plus there is prejudice against men in the court system. Politically speaking since the Civil Rights movement the Democrats have had a sick grip on the Black American community in where the fatherlessness rate there skyrocketed to a present day 70% by most recent studies. Strong men also doesn’t mean automatically electing the most recent U.S. President and rejecting the first ever successful female Presidential candidate because of sexism (it was based on America’s ideology). As a Christian husband and father I see what’s happening to the country, I know for a fact when everyone and everything else fails, my faith in Jesus is what’s going to carry us through the day and every day till he calls my family and I home. And as hard as it is to think about my kid growing up in an ever more chaotic world where manliness is being depleted slowly more and more, all my spouse and I can do is teach what we know and pray that they will accept what we believe and be a shinning example for earth to see. FYI for any young buck reading to this, women don’t like weak men or men who are cowards, they want a strong man who makes a firm stand in his beliefs, lays down the law of the home (in a non abusive way of course) and for those who are believers, constantly seeking God in everything he does…all the time and most definitely be willing to end his life to keep his loved ones safe.

  2. Speaking of DACA, for those who don’t know, it’s illegal! it’s a violation of Federal law and never should have been passed, The previous Administration primarily it’s leader Barack Obama overstepped it’s (and his) authority by illegally passing it to seem pathetically sympathetic (purely Democrat politics as politics when injected into everything both historically and presently gets ruined). However the perfectly understandable argument is of the 800,000 illegals who came her through no choice of their own by parents or “guardians” it’s not their fault let them stay. It’s also absolutely noteworthy that most DACA people are productive members of society contributing greatly to this awesome country, where from what I heard from one source at least 1,000 are serving in our great Military. DACA never should have happened but now this problem belongs to the Trump Administration. Most DACA people aren’t criminals and many in America believe only the most hardened should be deported. I’m inclined to agree. But for those who’ve had family and or friends murdered or died in someway from illegals , It’s so incredibly tough not to sympathize with them and hear their arguments against it. I wish I knew the answer.

  3. If you are here illegally why can you not accept the realty that people who are citizens do not appreciate having to pay taxes to support you? You are costing American citizens well over a hundred billion dollars a year in taxes! Wake up ! It’s not hate , it’s not racism, illegal aliens of all races and from every country are taking money away from citizens of the United States of America. You hate us because we can’t afford you. That is the simple reality. We are not racists , haters , nazis , white supremacists , fascists , or as some like to call Americans of Mexican descent or other Hispanic nationalities (sell outs) vendidos , we are realists , our country can not sustain paying out all this money year in and year out. Think about it , think about paying for illegal aliens coming to your country and literally taking your money away from you and your family! Would you be a sellout or a racist for wanting to stop this? You know you are wrong you just want to continue to get what you have been getting, there is no free ride , if you are illegal do the right thing and be quiet and either go back to where ever you came from or just be thankful that you are not being deported, president Trump has not deported on tenth of the people who were deported under Obama , why didn’t you protest against him??? Because he was black? Is it the fact that that you hate the White man that causes you to become so militant? You are the racist, for President Trump it’s not about anyone’s race it’s about taking care of our country and United States citizens first, Obama gave you lies and false hope , DACA was illegal , it was not authorized by the legislative body ordained to decide and make immigration law . He did it in order to get a short term result , to get votes , not to help all those illegal young people. He fooled you , President Trump is trying to save this country for every citizen , Brown, Black , White , Red , or Yellow ! Get over your hate and racist ideology, this is about saving the United States , a million people come here legally every year what makes you so special, why should you be allowed to break the law and circumvent the legal process? Get over it you are the racist .#JAGUIRRE4TRUMP.

  4. There is no way that a state or country can be pro-Illegal immigrant and pro- citizen at the same time, it’s an oxymoron, it does not calculate or making any sense . The citizen will always pay the price , always support and always be expected to sacrifice his job, his money , his children’s education, his children’s access to medical care , his access to government assistance and resources, his very future . If your representative in Washington D.C. , in your statehouse or in your city hall or School District office is pro- illegal alien , pro DACA , pro SB54 then he is against you ! Wise up and Rise up American Citizens , they are stealing your children’s futures and stealing this country from you. It’s time to take it back by voting for candidates who believe in Americanism and it is also time to challenge laws and bills that accommodate illegal aliens and alienate citizens ! This is our country , those that are elected first and only responsibility is to protect your rights and to seek to improve your life by creating opportunities ! This is what they all should be spending their time doing, we sent them to represent us not illegal immigrants! This is backwards! They are literally ignoring you and attending to illegals, they are favoring illegal aliens over citizens ! Help fund the referendum to stop SB54 here in California , if they are successful here it’s just a matter of time until they spread this tactic which disenfranchises American Citizens!!!! #JAGUIRRE4TRUMP.

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