We Need Strong Men.

A word to the feminists: We should be celebrating men, not emasculating them.





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  1. You’re absolutely right.
    It’s a total war, and a brutal fight for the power. They must silence and shame the men first, then the conservative women. They are a bunch of histerical sociopath mascarading under false goals of an equality, liberty etc. Their goal is to destroy family, happiness, enslave people. Essentially they rip people from their gender and without it a person is essentially killed. And they know it. He and she is killed because they will not procreate. So from a perspective of the next generation that person is exactly as killed in a war because he/she doesn’t produce the next generation. So that’s a genocide, enslavement.
    They are histerical because the new generation comes in with a very strong energy and they know they are losing. That’s why they will bash you all the way left and right. But guess what, if you understand it and troll them back, they get tired and terminated and can’t troll anymore. So completely ignore everything they are saying. Women ALWAYS had rights. ALWAYS. Read any novel of 18 century, entire Politics was controlled by women! They were always able to study and they were given right to vote also WAY before feminism started.
    EVERYTHING They are saying is a total lie. So don’t let it affect you, just understand that it’s the same old insults and shaming tactics that just just use as a weapon against everybody. They have no logic. They are brainwashed zombies.

  2. For those of you who follow Allie and agree with her on this topic you should check out the website where it depicts in various articles on how to become a manly man and yet still have the gentleman virtues adorn you. Their patron saint of the website is President Theodore Roosevelt who encapsulated everything that a manly man should aspire to.

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